Ästhetik am Ammersee
Dr.med.Yoram Levy
Dr.med.Christian Schrank
  Forehead and brow lift

Our goals are:

  • Individual forming of the forehead. A too-high forehead can be narrowed, a too-low forehead raised.
  • Lifting of the eyebrows to give the optical impression of “large, shining” eyes and the correction of any existing "pseudo-eyelid retraction", which, as a result of a sagging brow, gives the impression of tired eyes.
  • Smoothing of glabella wrinkles, horizontal wrinkles and crow’s feet.

The procedure is performed while the patient is in a state of half sleep.
The operation technique:
Depending on the problem, the hairline, the quantity of hair, the shape of the forehead and the desired result, we will decide on the optimal technique together with the patient.
In principle, the cut is always made inside the hairline or directly on the hairline. In some cases it is advisable to modify the cut.
After the operation:
After the operation, we apply a sterile light-compression bandage which will be changed in the evening of the same day.
On the following day, the hair is washed and the patient is discharged from the clinic the day after – regular outpatients’ visits are required thereafter.
The stitches are removed between the 5th and the 9th day after the procedure.

Over the next three weeks, it is not recommended that you colour your hair or have a perm. Please refrain from participating in sports, sunbathing and using sunbeds and saunas during this period.
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