Ästhetik am Ammersee
Dr.med.Yoram Levy
Dr.med.Christian Schrank
  Correcting the surface of the skin

The SKIN is a protective “cloak” that covers and protects our bodies – the “internal milieu” - against the environment.  Only very few people take time to consider the complexity and functionality of this phenomenal organ. Our hereditary disposition, the environment (e.g. humidity, dryness, sun, acidity, alkalinity, smoking, etc.); all of these and many more factors, cause irreversible damage to the skin. This causes the skin to age and a wide palette of characteristics such as wrinkles, creases, so-called age spots, open pores, couperose etc. appears. Depending on the appearance and the cause, there are many possibilities for complex treatment with a high measure of success. The suitability of the patient (selection) for the various promising targeted therapy options is absolutely essential. Laser therapy also forms part of the treatment, and is often used as a supplement to a successful face and neck lift in the case of certain skin conditions, in the form of a so-called "skin resurfacing" – the complete rejuvenation of the facial skin. It is appropriate to mention dermabrasion – the deeper abrasion of the facial skin cells – at this point. This involves the expert, targeted “removal” of the problem from the area of skin in question in a very particular and exact manner. This results in a “scab” covering the treated area, which lasts for 4 - 5 days (+/-). This falls off (around day 5 +/-) and reddish smooth skin is revealed for further treatment.
Sunshine must be avoided for at least 6 months.

Risks: Sometimes a lighter (or perhaps darker) area of skin may appear = pigmentation = discoloration of the skin. On the other hand, the area around the mouth appears young and smooth and generally pleases the patient, because wrinkles around the mouth make people look “OLDER” no matter how attractive the rest is.
In certain circumstances, this procedure must be used as an alternative to laser or dermabrasion. For all of these procedures, a thorough examination (selection of the patient) and the perfect performance of the procedure are required. If performed properly, the only problem worth mentioning is possible pigmentation in the treated area. However, experience has taught us that a patient with noticeable open pores (orange-peel skin) or vertical wrinkles around the mouth finds a slight discolouration of the treated area – which can be hidden with foundation to give a smooth, fresh appearance – a small price to pay.
  Skin tumours
Unfortunately, some skin changes today are malignant, particularly in older patients, and more and more frequently in younger people too. It is essential that they be removed as early as possible, whilst the patient is still in good health. It is very important that both the removal of the skin tumour and the closing of the wound, according to the type and location, are done so perfectly that the patient finds his/her appearance acceptable after the wounds have healed, and that his/her feeling of self-worth is not affected negatively. The techniques available are so good that the results are usually very pleasing regardless of the basic problem.
Unattractive scars caused by accidents, bites, tumour operations, burns, scalding etc. often pose both aesthetic and psychological problems for those affected. And not only that – scars can sometimes cause functional problems as well, e.g. irritation and watering of the eye. Previously performed operations that were unsuccessful, either objectively or subjectively or operations with which the patient is not satisfied, can be improved, corrected or eliminated after consensus has been reached between patient and surgeon. In this case, modern techniques and procedures, which often require little effort, can have excellent results.
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