Ästhetik am Ammersee
Dr.med.Yoram Levy
Dr.med.Christian Schrank
  Face-Neck-Lift with S.M.A.S.


Aging in the face and neck areas is the result of the loss of vitality of the musculature = sagging of the musculature and the connective tissue. This is coupled with unfavourable redistribution of fat (double chin, hamster cheeks etc.) and the receding elasticity of the skin. In order to achieve erotic feminine radiance and long-lasting restoration of the neck and the cheeks, these facts must be taken into account.
If the former statements are taken as basic theoretical knowledge, the logical consequence is the performance of a face and neck lift which “only” smoothes the skin rather than pulling it tight, which restores both the vitality and the tone of the musculature and which “carves” the fat into a different form.

This most complex and differentiated face and neck lift has the following advantages:

  • It appears natural and preserves the individuality of the patient.
  • With the appearance of natural elasticity, it provides the highest level of stability possible. This means, for example, that when a 50-year-old woman leaves the clinic after a 10-years-younger rejuvenation she will “look like forty” and a 60-year-old will look like fifty, a 70-year-old like sixty, and so on.
Of course, this stability does not only depend on the ability of the plastic surgeon. The quality of the patient’s tissue also plays a vital role.
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