Ästhetik am Ammersee
Dr.med.Yoram Levy
Dr.med.Christian Schrank
  Firming and shaping of the abdominal wall

(Abdominoplasty acccording to Pitanguy)



The goal of this operation is to restore the aesthetic appeal of an attractively shaped belly area, whereby not only the aesthetically feminine appearance is restored, but also the stability and the firmness are taken into consideration. After such an operation, a belly that has lost its firmness (through pregnancy, operations etc.) should regain its so-called “INNER CORSET”, which is made up of muscles and fascia. It also brings with it an attractive waistline, removal of a protruding belly, an attractive navel and the raising of the “MONS VENERIS” (the area covering the pubic bone), which sags over the years. The procedure also eliminates any unattractive scars between the navel and the pubic hair.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic. A stay of between 3 and 5 days at the clinic is necessary, and thereafter, several weeks of taking it easy with no heavy lifting and no participation in sports should be observed. Complications (e.g. seroma, embolism etc.) should be discussed during a consultation prior to surgery.
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