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  Eyelid correction - eyelid surgery (Blepharoplastie)

So-called “tired” or alternatively “retracted” eyelids and/or tear sacs, are but a few colloquial names used to describe droopy eyelids, loss of elasticity and excess skin of the eyelids, sagging, excess muscle on the eyelids and protuberant fat beneath the eyes (tear sacs).
Pronounced retraction of the eyelids narrows the range of vision; tear sacs give the eyes a puffy, tired appearance.

Such problems are dealt with in a diverse range of ways, according to the individual situation. The goal is always to achieve an optimal, sustainable effect where once again, the emphasis is on a natural appearance and attractive, clear eyes.

The procedure is performed while the patient is in a state of half sleep. An experienced surgeon can achieve very pleasing results.
Complications: a very rare exception (and should this be the case, they are correctable/reversible)
Hospitalisation: 1 day or as an outpatient
  Upper eyelid correction
Contrary to the preconceived ideas of many patients, the cause of an old, tired-looking expression of the eyes is seldom as a result of the eye or the eyelid. It is usually caused by sagging eyebrows and the pressure they exert on the eyelids. Therefore, the problem of tired-looking eyes can only be countered with the previously-described forehead and brow lift. If additional factors such as unfavourable fat deposits, surplus eyelid skin and sagging musculature of the eyelid also play a role, the surgeon must also take this into account when restoring the optimal curve of the eye. This means restoring the original beauty and radiation of the eye through the correction of surplus skin and slack musculature and the spreading and smoothing of the fat element around the eye.
  Lower eyelid correction

The lower eyelid rests on the cheek. And when the cheek begins to sag with age, and the contours of the lower lid are flattened out by bulges of fat, the problem can be corrected by removing the fat, firming the musculature and careful removal of surplus skin. However, it is important to remember that laugh-lines are part of the natural appearance of the face and correction of the lower lid will not and should not result in permanent smoothing of the area. It is equally important to consider that the moisture storage capacity of the connective tissue (particularly around the eyes) is affected by biorhythms. That’s why the eyes always appear a little fuller in the mornings than they do in the evenings. Some women also notice marked changes during their menstrual cycle.

The perfect result therefore requires much experience and a certain degree of juggling on the part of the surgeon. If he removes too much fat it could result in hollows. If he removes too much skin, it could result in “watery eyes”.

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